Moon Over Topanga, Owl In Ojai
and Other Tales from Turtle Island

by Leona Graham-Elen
with Family & Friends

ISBN 0-9649553-1-8 Published: March 2002. Softcover, 112 pages, with many black and white photographs and full color cover, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 in
List price: $9.95 US, $12.95 Canada, £6.95 UK

Leona's latest work - now honouring a few more ancestors on her father's side... also including a few poems by friends and family, in the line of making her poetry community-activist!

These people-friendly, readable poems follow up the American Adventure entered into in her first book, At Home In Bell Buckle, with an 'interlude' section featuring poems from journeys taken in/to Canada, UK and India ('Northeast Passages and Old World Interludes').

Leona Graham-Elen’s new work literally embraces family and friends. Engaging her world-wide community, calling on us to participate in The One Work of spiritual, social and ecological regeneration, she transports us around a planet full of rich, powerful and purposeful adventures for a pilgrim 'on the path'. From America’s Deep South to Far West, Canada’s wild suburbs and hinterlands, across the seas to Ancient Avalon and magical India, Leona's Journey to the Source reminds the reader of our shared humanity, the power of love and the importance of community.

"Sitting in a Dundee café on a wet dreik [Scottish for dreary, miserable] summer morning is a perfect setting to think of sunny California and to read Leona Graham-Elen’s mini epic poems set to the tune of modern life. The verses sing with insight, vibrancy and a knowingness beyond what you know… insightful, a testimonial to living a conscious life in a post-conscious age."
- Marianna Lines, stone artist & author of Sacred Stones, Sacred Places.

"Leona Graham-Elen has taken on a vast enterprise for 'gods of place' and made it her own. Moon Over Topanga...keeps wonder alive. Leona's clarity is central, despite the difficulty in giving voice to experiences beyond words in describing mythologies of place. This writing is emblematic of sacred, physical realities. The language of poetry conveys the web of interconnectedness: the immense, intricate dance of relationships happening in celebration of the White Lady. I’m pleased to be part of such a Matter: 'We all participate in The One Work'."
- Noted Canadian poet, playwright & performer Penn Kemp

Samples from Moon Over Topanga

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