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Madron's Well, Kernow
The trees around Madron's Well, in Cornwall, Britain, are still festooned with pieces of cloth, or "Cloutie" - prayers for healing to the Goddess of the well.

Brideswell is an independent publishing and consulting partnership between Leona Graham and Richard Elen. In addition to the work of Brideswell Associates, providing "Creative Technology" consultancy work - in music recording and production, graphics, web design and related areas - we operate the Brideswell Press, a small independent publishing house. Brideswell Associates sponsors a number of linked projects - see our Friends & Family page for further details.

About the Name

We chose the name Brideswell to honor Brigit, Celtic goddess of fire and wells - guardian of those access points on the land where we draw up 'the waters of life'. In these days when the old wells have been covered, desecrated, destroyed and polluted, an awareness of these mysteries is crucial.

'Bride' is one of Brigit's many names, indicating her link with the feminine/masculine mysteries, whereby the 'bride' (the goddess who may also manifest as the magical mare) is served by the 'groom', with all the inherent sexuality of such an alchemical union. In turn, the bride honors the husband, and together they serve the greater good. For more about the goddess Brigit, see Kathy Jones' book, The Goddess in Glastonbury.

The Brideswell Press

The aim of the Brideswell Press is to produce and publish a series of inspiring works - works imbued with spiritual wisdom, to uplift and bring joy to the hearts and minds of all those who come into contact with them. The following works are currently available or in development:

Brideswell Associates

Brideswell Associates offers various consultancy and related services along the boundary where creativity and technology meet. These include the following:

For more information on these services and samples of work, please email us at info@brideswell.com

Who we are

One for Brigit

This one's for Brigit
That fiery goddess behind the scenes
Whose water we drink, whose inspiration we seek

Are you that vast presence behind me, behind my eyes, the way I see when I am clear
Or the breeze that crosses my path and lifts the scent of jasmine through my world
Perchance, the hand that gently leads me when I am confused and tired
Or pushes when I resist what is right?

Perhaps, indeed, you are embodied in all that I touch
You hide behind so many names
Brigit, Bride, are only a couple of ones I've caught
When your eyes have met mine and you've whispered in my ear

After all, what is a goddess to a mortal?
An inspiratrix, one who moves the mover
Who can be found in the smallest and the largest
She Who Brings Us Back In Time

- Leona Graham

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